Quality products and service.


Commercial Ice Supplies delivers all across the Gold Coast from Tweed Heads to Yatala. Our trucks are scheduled to visit most areas on a weekly basis for small order and regular deliveries. Deliverys on other days may have to meet a minimum for delivery, depending on your area

Mobile Freezer and Coldroom hire

At Commercial Ice Supplies, we also hire out, Mobile Freezers and Coldrooms. Starting at $165 inc GST for the weekend. Great for parties!! Solves ALL of your extra refrigeration needs!! Delivered Friday, picked up Monday. (Or at a mutually agreed time,no extra charge)

For your upcoming sporting events or fundraiser!! School fetes. Charity events.

Daily hire.

Weekly hire.

Discounted rates with large ice purchases!!

Standard and specialty products

We know that each of our customers is unique, therefore we carry a selection of specialty products to cater for a variety of preferences.  We bring you high quality, niche products, at competitive prices.

We can supply both Crushed ice and Tube ice in most size packages.

Crushed ice is ideal EVERYTHING!! Displays, drinks, cooling, Everything!

Tube Ice is ideal for that quality bar or restaurant. Small tubes. 5/8 inch Diameter and an inch long. Almost identical size to a cube, but round.Presents with a professional demeanour and looks first class.

(Tube ice is sometimes unavailable due to demand over the summer months)


-4kg Bags. Ideal for your own use or for display and retail sale.

-10kg Bags. Ideal for commercial use. More economical to use.

-20kg Open Bags. These are for commercial end use only. Ideal for bulk users who want large quantities and extra value for money with a high turnover. Ice cannot be stored in bags for prolonged periods.

-600kg Bins. Have a Forklift?? Bulk Ice delivered to you with it's own short term storage. 120cm x120cm x 120cm. These bins are great for keeping wet ice on hand all the time.

-We can use your storage facilites if you so require.

Dry Ice

We carry DRY ICE in stock at all times. You have the choice of pellets or Blocks made the size you require.

Commercial Ice Supplies, supplies dry ice to the Gold Coast area direct from our Iceworks at Molendinar. Perfect for camping, fishing trips, Industrial uses, automotive and many more. Dry ice will remain a solid and colder for a much longer period, unequalled by ANY other ice product. And no mess!! Our dry ice is also incredibly popular for its scary ‘FOG’ effect, great for parties and other events. For tips on using dry ice, just contact us.

Depending on the length of time you require, we have varied block sizes from 4kg, which will keep for approximately 1-2 days and 30cm x 20cm x 5cm, to a 13kg block which will keep for approximately 7-10 days. Approx 30cm x 20cm x 20cm or the size of a besser block. (these times are only rough estamates at best!! No resposibility can be accepted for differing times)

Times will vary depending on many variables including.

-Size of Esky

-Quality of esky

-Amount of Dry Ice in the Esky. (4kg won't last as long as 10kg in the same size esky!!)

-Amount of time being opened.

-Position of Esky!! (don't leave it in the sun!!)

Blocks are $5.40 per Kilogram.

Dry ice pellets, which are about the thickness of a pencil and approx 25mm long, are sold by the kilogram. Dry ice is available direct to the public from our Molendinar Iceworks, no pre-ordering required.

Pellets are $4.80 per Kilogram.


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